January 24, 2020

Office.com/setup – Enter 25 digit Product Key for Activation

Office.com/setup – When a user wants crucial and main Office program suite on the computer, then MS Office 2019 is the subscription that one should go for. Office allows you to use from applications like Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, and more. Office 2019 subscription gives users the access to important features of Office along with traditional experience, regular security updates, and so on. For details to want to know more about the product pricing and features, then please have a look at the office.com/setup

Office.com/setup – MS Office for Home Users Guidelines

Many Office programs for home users requires an activation or product key. If you have already got your product key along with the Office program, then you need to create an account first. Although, if you already own a Microsoft account, then you can easily log in to your Microsoft account. After you have logged in to your account, you have to give the product key. One can easily redeem their product key and activate the Microsoft Office subscription by this process.

Office.com/setup – Enter Product Key – www.office.com setup

How to Download MS Office 365 or 2019 on a PC from UK or USA territory ?

If you are facing difficulties  while downloading the MS office application suite on your computer, then the below instructions will be very useful to you:

  1. Open the internet browser on your Windows PC.
  2. Go to Office.com/setup.
  3. Log in to your account with the registered email ID and account password. There will be many options to log in to, like with a Microsoft account, work, or a school account.
  4. When you are logged in , the downloading procedure will differ according to the Microsoft account, work, or school account. Depending on the type of account select the downloading method :
    • Microsoft Account Users will:
      • Click the Install Office option on the home page, .
      • Then, click on the Install button.
    • For  Work and School Account Users:
      • Hit the Install Office Apps option on the home page of Office.
      • After that click on the Office apps option to start the download.
  5. The download will begin and once the download is complete. In order to begin the installation of the downloaded Office setup, the following  instructions mentioned in the next How to Install MS Office on a PC Section will be helpful.

How to Install MS Office on a PC

If you are facing problem in the Office installation via www.office.com/setup, then please obey the guidelines mentioned  below:

  1. Depending on the Web browsing application you are using to download MS office, tap click on Run (for Internet Explorer and Edge), Setup (for Chrome users), Save File (for Firefox).
  2. Choose the Yes option when the system asks for confirming the installation command.
  3. Afterward, the Office installation process will automatically begin.
  4. When you see the message “You’re all set! The Office is installed now” on your screen, this means the installation is finished successfully. An animation will also appear on your screen on your PC explaining about how to locate and access Office apps.
  5. Once you have understand the process of using Office programs.Click the Close button.

How to Activate MS Office on a PC?

After Office is downloaded and installed successfully, you are on the last step of completing the processes and start using  the Microsoft Office apps. See the instructions mentioned in this section to activate your Office program:

  1. To begin with, hit the Start Menu button from the bottom-left corner of your PC screen.
  2. Look for any Office program such as Excel.
  3. Then tap on the icon of the Office app to run it.
  4. Accept the Office program license agreement when the app appears on the screen.
  5. The Office is activated and ready for use.
  6. If the Office program is having issues in activating, then the Activation Wizard will show up on the screen.
  7. Complete the Office activation by completing the onscreen steps.

Your Office setup downloaded from UK or USA territory www.office.com/setup has been activated on your device. From now on, you can access any MS Office app on a single click.